Building a Better Fence

3 Steps For Installing A Wood Fence Like A Pro

A wood fence is a classic way to add privacy and security to your yard. But installing a wood fence isn't as easy as it looks. It requires some preparation before you get started.

Here are three essential steps that will help ensure a successful installation.

Measure Carefully

Getting the measurements right is key — not only so your fence looks neat and uniform but also so that it fits in the allotted space. The right fit will also ensure your fence can withstand strong winds and other elements.

Before you begin, map out the area where you want to install your fence. Measure this entire area, including any corners or curves, to make sure you have enough material. Take into consideration any changes in grade or terrain, too. This ensures that your fence posts and pickets are even and level.

If you're unsure of the measurements, use a measuring tape to double-check in case there are any surprises when you're ready to build. You don't want to end up with too little or too much material.

Digging Post Holes

The next step is digging post holes that are deep enough for your posts to be securely anchored in the ground. You'll use these posts to attach your pickets to and add stability to the fence.

Make sure you space them out evenly according to local building codes. This will vary depending on where you live, but typically a few feet intervals work best for most wooden fences. It's important not only for aesthetic purposes but also for stability — spacing them out evenly will help keep the post from leaning or warping over time.

Digging postholes is a physical job, but some tools can help. Hole diggers, shovels, and even post-drivers (for larger jobs) are all great options for digging these holes with ease.

Installation of Posts and Panels

Once you dig the holes, assemble your posts and panels according to manufacturer instructions and begin inserting each one into its designated hole. Depending on how many panels you plan to install, you may need someone else to help with this step. Two sets of hands can definitely make it easier.

Be sure each one is level with the last before setting it into place and filling around it with concrete mix until secure. Once all your posts are installed and set in place, attach your panels accordingly, so they fit snugly between each post before securing them at the top and bottom. This way, your fence will look neat and uniform long after installation.

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