Building a Better Fence

Storm Resistant Designs to Make Your New Fence More Durable and Long-Lasting

When you are installing a new fence, you may not be thinking about the problems with storms and the damage they can cause. There are a lot of options to make your fence more storm-resistant. Some of the options you may want to consider masonry pillars, integrated support, or other design features. The following storm-resistant fence designs will give your home a more storm-resistant fence:

Posts and Pillars to Support Fence Sections

The posts that support the sections of the fence are one of the first areas where improvements can be made. Some of the options for stronger pillars and posts are:

  • Stone or brick masonry pillars
  • Wood posts with concrete footings and steel boots
  • Steel posts bolted to concrete footings

These are some of the different options for more durable pillars and posts. You may want to use attractive masonry for front yard fencing and steel posts in less visible areas. These are the best options to make your fence more resistant to damage during storms. 

Outdoor Structures for Fence Designs 

Another solution to help strengthen the fence is using outdoor structures. This is something that can be done by integrating outdoor design features like pergolas into the design of the fence. This helps to support the sections, as well as improves the appearance of your landscaping. Larger structures can even be practical design features for outdoor spaces. The structures can also be part of the fence design with features like arbors for gated entrances.

Reinforcements to Make Fences Storm-Resistant

The fence can also be reinforced with specially designed features. Some of the reinforcements that can be added to different styles of fencing include:

  • Diagonal wind bracing at corners
  • Tensioned wires for chain link fencing
  • Wide parapet walls to support fence sections

The reinforcements for the different styles of fencing can be a great way to increase the longevity of your fence.

Using More Durable Fence Materials in the Design

You will also want to choose more durable fencing materials. Depending on the style of the fence you are building, there are different options, including coated chain link fencing, composites wood fences, and powder-coated metal fencing. These are some of the most durable fencing materials to make your new fence more storm-resistant.

Here are just a few options to consider to give your home a more storm-resistant fence design. Contact a fence company and ask about these designs for a longer-lasting fence.