Building a Better Fence

Attributes That You Want In Your RV Gate

If you own an RV and you keep it parked on your property, protecting it behind a fence can be a good security measure. RV ownership represents a significant investment, and the last thing that you want is for someone to steal the vehicle. A professionally built fence can go a long way toward keeping your RV secure, but you'll also need to think about a gate in the fence. RV gates can range in design, so it's good to find a local fence contractor who has erected several gates of this style in the past. Together, you can come up with a design that suits you. Ideally, it should include these attributes.

Adequate Height

RVs can be tall, so it's important that your gate is of an adequate height. It's less than ideal for the upper part of your vehicle to be visible above the gate. In this scenario, an unscrupulous individual passing through your neighborhood could see the RV and begin to make plans about stealing it. When the gate in your fence is slightly taller than the top of the RV, it will be difficult for someone to identify it from the street or the sidewalk in front of your home.

Opaque Design

The height of the RV gate will help to keep prying eyes away from your valuable vehicle, but you should also choose a gate through which people can't see. For example, chain link has value in many different applications, but it's not an ideal choice for this type of gate because people can see through it. A gate with an opaque design is much better. For example, you might favor a gate made of slats of wood on a metal frame. Another design to consider is a gate made with aluminum panels, which you can order in a color that will complement the surrounding fence.

Automatic Operation

RV gates are large, given that they need to be big enough to allow your vehicle to pass through with ease. As such, you won't want to be opening and closing the gate by hand. Choosing an automatic gate is a good idea. Your fencing professional will be able to install a keypad outside of the gate that allows you to open it by entering a code. You can also have a remote control inside of your RV so that when you return home from a trip, you can simply press a button that will open the gate for you.