Building a Better Fence

Picket Fence Design Ideas To Create Unique Custom Features For Outdoor Spaces

New picket fencing can be a great way to give outdoor spaces custom design features. Several things can be done to the design of your picket fence to improve its appearance and add functional features. The following picket fence design ideas will help you add unique custom features to outdoor spaces:

Different Options for Fence Materials

When you are building a picket fence, there are different choices for materials. You want to use fencing materials that are right for the design of your fence. These picket fence materials can be:

  • Treated wood
  • Tropical hardwood
  • Composite lumber
  • Vinyl fencing systems

You may want to use the more durable options like vinyl or composite lumber for a long-lasting fence. Natural tropical hardwood materials are also durable and resistant. This makes tropical hardwood a great choice for custom designs.

Patterns and Custom Design Features

There are also patterns and custom design features that can be integrated into the pickets. These features can give your fence a custom design and greater privacy:

  • Horizontal pickets for a modern design
  • Butted joints for more privacy in outdoor spaces
  • Unique herringbone patterns for a custom design

Wood materials can also be used to add custom features to the design, like transoms. The transoms are the boxes above fence sections. They are usually filled with lattice or other materials and add height to the fence design.

Posts and Pillars for the Fence Design

Your picket fence posts can be another area where design features can be added. The posts can also include pillars made of other materials like brick. Design features you may want to consider for the posts and pillars of your fence include:

  • Masonry pillars to support fence sections
  • Posts with custom millwork for a unique look
  • Metal posts to add unique metalwork to the fence design

The posts and pillars can also be a great way to add lights with caps that have integrated lighting. This can help brighten up your outdoor living space for entertaining at night.

Practical Features for Fence Designs

There may also be practical features that you want to have integrated into the fence design. They can be vertical gardens that are added to the inside of the fence. You can also integrate other elements into the design, such as:

  • Planters
  • Outdoor seating
  • Storage solutions
  • Landscaping structures

The right features will provide your outdoor living space with useful features. Landscaping structures can be a great way to add privacy to entrances of coverings for outdoor seating areas.

The picket fence you install can do a lot more with the right features. Contact a picket fence installation service and discuss these design features for your property.