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Three Types Of Aluminum Fencing That Can Work Well In Your Yard

You might immediately think of wood when you're thinking about different materials for residential fencing, but it's important to know that there are other fencing materials that can work well in your yard. Aluminum is a material that offers a wide range of fencing options. Your local fencing company can physically show you examples of different types of aluminum fencing, as well as pictures of aluminum fences that it has built over the years for different clients. Here are three types of aluminum fencing that you may wish to consider for your yard.

Aluminum Panels

If you're looking for a type of fence that will provide a high degree of privacy, a fence that is made up of aluminum panels may be something to consider. There are many different designs to think about, but the common trait is that these panels are often solid. Unlike other types of fences that allow people to see through a series of narrow slits, aluminum panels won't allow this type of intrusion. There are aluminum panels with a variety of surface patterns on them, so consider the type of look that you feel will best complement your yard.

Aluminum Pickets

Picket fences are available in a wide range of materials. Even though you might immediately think of wood when you picture a picket fence, you can also find aluminum pickets. In many cases, it will be difficult for anyone to tell that an aluminum picket fence isn't made of wood — a trait that you may find appealing. When you opt for aluminum over wood, however, you're getting a material that has an extremely long lifespan. This may especially be appealing if you're making a significant investment in a large amount of fencing and don't want to worry about needing to replace it in the future.

Decorative Aluminum

Another type of aluminum fencing that you'll encounter is decorative fencing, which people sometimes call "ornamental fencing." There are many different designs that fit into this category, but the common trait that they all share is a stylish design. For example, you might find a design in which the pieces of aluminum are bent into different curvy shapes, rather than straight. Decorative fencing works well in many different applications. While you might not use it around the perimeter of your yard, you may favor it around a patio, a gazebo, or even a backyard swimming pool, for example.

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