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Tennis Court Fencing For Your Recreational Complex

A new tennis court that is being installed at a community recreational complex will give residents the opportunity to compete against their friends or observe live matches. Installing fencing around the court will increase safety and may possibly provide contenders with privacy during practice sessions.

The Fencing Material And Design

A standard tennis court typically has a chain link fence surrounding it and the fencing panels are the same length, height, and thickness. You can choose the typical approach if you would like the court to be similar to ones you have seen before, but you can also add some customized features that will give the court its own distinct allure, which may be one of its selling points that will convince people to take the opportunity to use the recreational feature.

Wood, vinyl, or metal are durable fencing materials that will prevent tennis balls from leaving the confines of the court. An arched gateway or fencing panels can be added to the design or you can choose a couple different fencing materials to provide specific parts of the enclosure with alternate features. For instance, since you are going to be welcoming spectators to the outdoor viewing area, you will want to have fencing installed that will provide plenty of visibility.

To minimize distractions while a tennis match is underway, bleachers will likely be set up along the outside of the fencing. Add a chain link design to the portions that viewers will be next to. For the rest of the court, including the areas that are directly behind both sides of the net, use a fencing material such as vinyl or opt to have a fabric shield installed. Either material will block the wind and glare from the sun, allowing each tennis player to maintain their concentration.

Security Features

A gate latch, a padlock, or a keypad can be used to prevent people from entering the court after hours. Since you may have strict rules pertaining to who can access the court and will likely want to keep outsiders away from the court when nobody is present, it is important that your security features are modern and able to withstand force.

If you decide to allow community members to access the court at all hours, but want to ensure that the gate remains locked when nobody is present, choose a keypad feature and provide the code to the people who have permission to use the court.

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