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Five Reasons To Use Chain-Link Fencing Around Your Garden

A fence around your vegetable garden is often a necessity, especially if you live in an area with grazing deer or high winds. Chain link can be an excellent option for fencing in a permanent garden, as the following five points illustrate.

1. Protection

Few animals are small enough to get through the small openings in a chain-link fence, which means fewer pests will be feasting upon your garden plants. Chain-link fencing works well on larger animals that tend to get into suburban gardens, like deer. If smaller animals are your main issue, you may need to add an extension to the fence so that it extends a few inches underground. This will keep animal pests like rabbits from digging under the fencing.

2. Trellising

Some plants, like beans, perform better when they have a support to grow along. Plants growing on a wood fence can damage the boards, and vinyl fence panels don't allow plants to grow up the surface. Chain-link fencing can double as a trellis and it is durable enough that neither the weight nor the moisture from the plants will cause any damage to the fencing.

3. Durability

The durability of a chain-link fence is legendary. Chain link rarely rusts or corrodes, it doesn't rot, and it is nearly impossible to damage barring a major accident like a car crashing into it. You can increase the attractiveness and the durability of the fence by choosing a powder-coated or rubber encased fence as opposed to bare metal. Black and green are both common options, and both can look quite attractive in the garden.

4. Shading

Sometimes the intensity of the sun can damage garden vegetable plants. Fortunately, there is an easy solution if you have a chain-link fence — shade cloths. These cloths are designed to clip on to the chain link. They allow diffused light through, but they block out most of the intensity. Shade cloths can also provide a windbreak and may even be able to protect against light frost, and wind and frost are both major causes of damage to garden vegetables.

5. Maintenance-Free

The best part about a chain-link fence is that it is virtually maintenance-free. It never needs sanded, painted, or cleaned. It won't rot, and barring outside damage, it won't require any repairs. You can instead focus your time and effort on tending your garden instead of tending to your fence.

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