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Three Options For Commercial Privacy Fencing

As a commercial business with an outdoor storage and work lot, you may need a fence that protects everything stored outside while also providing a screen for some of the less attractive parts of your business operations. The right fence serves both these purposes while also providing curb appeal for your business that will help create a good first impression for your customers. The following are some privacy options that are also secure.

Screened Chain Link

Chain link fences are durable, low maintenance, and cost-effective. Even better, it is easy to find stock models in a range of heights, so finding the right one for your commercial building is relatively simple. Chain link is also easily modified to provide more security since you can have barbed wire, slanted anti-climb panels, and roll bars attached to the top of the fence to further discourage intruders.

For privacy and aesthetics, there are screening options for chain link fences. The most common are privacy slats, which slide into the chain link openings to create a screen. You get to choose the slat color, so you can choose an option that matches your building or logo colors. Nylon screens that clip to the fence are another privacy option. These screens can even be printed with your company logo.

Vinyl and Wood

Vinyl and wood panel fences are very similar. Both provide a solid fence that can be cut through easily. You can typically find the fences in heights of 6 or 8 feet, which will dissuade most casual intruders. Both materials also provide a very attractive fence that doesn't have the industrial look that chain link sometimes provides.

Vinyl fences require less maintenance, but you are limited in color options. Further, vinyl can be cracked fairly easily, so it may not be suitable around lots where there is a lot of heavy machinery use. Wood is more durable and you can paint it any color, but it will need to be repainted every few years so it doesn't rot or look shabby.


A concrete block wall is one of the sturdiest fence options you can choose. If you need something that can't be easily knocked down or damaged, concrete block is the way to go. These fences can be constructed to your specifications, so they can be as tall as you need them to be. You can even have anti-climb devices, like roll bars, installed along the top.

Concrete block fences don't have to be boring, either. The block wall can be covered in stucco tinted in any color you desire so that it looks nicer. You can also have the wall painted, either a solid color or with your company's logo or signage.

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