Building a Better Fence

Tips To Keep In Mind When Building A Fence

Putting up a fence on your property is a great way to increase your privacy, keep unwanted guests or intruders out, or help keep your small children or pets confined to your space. But putting together a fence that spans a large part of your property is a big endeavor that will take a decent amount of planning if you want to ensure it's done correctly the first time. Here are some tips to keep in mind when putting up a fence on your property for the first time.

Figure Out the Exact Size and How That Affects You

You might have a vision in your mind for how big you want your fence to be, but you won't know the details until you actually go out to your property and measure. Figure out exactly how long and tall you want the fence to be. These numbers will be important when it comes time to select fencing materials because you'll be able to purchase what you need with greater accuracy.

Figuring out the exact size in advance is also important because there might be local regulations in play. A standard picket fence probably isn't a big deal, but if you are putting together a tall privacy fence, there might be restrictions in your neighborhood for exactly how tall you are allowed to go. This is especially true if you will be putting your fence up on commercial property, as this could lead to even more government oversight. Come up with a blueprint for the fence and then check your final measurements against the rules and regulations of your town or city.

Think About Durability and Maintenance

There are a wide variety of different fencing material types to choose from, and different materials will offer different long-term durability or ongoing maintenance requirements. Aluminum, for example, tends to stay rust-free and is low-maintenance, but it might not offer the look you want. A wooden or wrought-iron fence might offer the classic or elegant look you prefer, but you'll have to deal with more maintenance in order to keep that kind of fence in good shape. 

Talk to a Fencing Company

For the best results, you might not want to go through this process alone. Contact local fence builders and have professionals guide you through the necessary steps. You'll figure out exactly what kind of materials you want, purchase the right amount, and then stand back and watch while someone else handles the hard part.