Building a Better Fence

Fences For Big Dogs: What To Consider

When it comes to creating an outdoor space for your large dog, you need to make sure that you take several things into consideration when determining the materials and layout for the pen. Creating an outdoor pen for a large dog is much different than creating a pen for a small one. Here are a few tips that will help you as you build a fence for your large dog.

Ensure There's Ample Space

Large dogs need plenty of room to run around, and for that reason, you need to ensure that you allow them that room when determining the layout for their outdoor pen. Of course, you will have to pay attention to your budget to see what you can afford since the quantity and material of fencing will come into play here. Metal and chain-link fences tend to be the cheapest, and prices will start to increase for wood, aluminum, and vinyl fencing.

Keep the Fence Height in Mind

Dogs love to bark and jump, so don't underestimate their ability to do this while in the backyard. As a general rule, large breeds of dogs need a six-foot-tall fence to make sure that they are unable to escape the yard. In addition, there are some dogs that enjoy climbing, and these dogs that may like to use the gaps within the chain-link fencing as foot holes to get themselves to the other side of the fence. So, if this sounds like your dog, you may want to opt for a different type of fencing.

Remove Bothersome Stimuli

One reason that your pooch may attempt to leave your yard is if they see squirrels, other dogs, and other kinds of temptation beyond the yard. To minimize these temptations, you may want to consider building your fence out of wood or vinyl. Both of these fencing materials are durable and are able to be designed in a variety of ways that can create a visually appealing home barrier. In addition, they are both more challenging for your dog to climb and add a sufficient level of privacy for you and your family, which is always nice.  

If you have decided that your dog needs a barrier to keep him inside the yard that also adds a certain degree of privacy, reach out to a fence installation company such as Roark Fencing for more information on materials that would best be used for your situation.