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Top Reasons To Install An Electric Gate Opener

In this day and age, many people are opting to fence in their property. If you are in the position to erect a fence around your entire property, you will most likely also want to install a gate so you, your family members, and invited guests can access your home. While having a gate in front of your property can provide privacy and security, you most likely do not want a manual gate. Most people who opt to install gates want electronic gates that can be opened remotely. However, in order to take advantage of an electronic gate, you also need an electronic gate opener. Some of the top reasons to install an electric gate opener for a gate on your property include:


One of the top reasons that homeowners with gates in front of their homes install electric gate openers is that they make life a lot more convenient. When your gate is equipped with an electric opener, it is incredibly easy to open the gate without having to ever get out of your vehicle. Most electric gate openers are controlled by small remote controls, much like garage door remotes, which can be kept inside your vehicle. When you approach your home, you can use your remote to ensure that the gate is completely open when you drive up.


A quality electric gate opener will last for a very long time if it is properly cared for and maintained. If you invest in a reputable brand of gate opener and have it professionally installed, you can count on it to work for many years to come without any major issues or necessary repairs. This means that you can always count on your gate opening up remotely when you pull up to your property. 

Control Access

In some cases, people other than your immediate household may need to access your home or property. If you install an electric gate opener, you can usually also install an electronic keypad that is connected to the gate opener. When you do this, you can assign different codes that can be used to make the gate open when the right number combination is put in. This can be a great idea if you have landscapers or house cleaners that need to get onto your property — if they have a code fo you electronic gate, you won't have to worry about letting them in yourself.