Building a Better Fence

4 Cedar Wood Fence Ideas To Give Your Outdoor Spaces Attractive Finishes And Privacy Features

When finishing outdoor areas and landscaping, privacy is important, but you want to do it in an attractive way. This is something that can be done easily with cedar fencing and other wood features in outdoor spaces. The following cedar wood fencing ideas will help you with the attractive finishes and privacy features for your outdoor spaces: 

Posts and Timber Framing to Support the Fence Sections of Your New Cedar Fencing  

One of the first improvements that you will want to consider for your cedar fence is using larger posts and other timber features. These cedar timber features can be used to give the fence more custom details as well as to integrate other features in the landscaping into the design of your fence.  

Privacy Screen designs With Cedar Fencing to Add the Privacy to Outdoor Gardens and Spaces  

The addition of privacy screens is often necessary to create attractive outdoor spaces. The cedar fencing can be used to add privacy screens in some of these different areas by building sections of the fence that act as privacy screens. This will provide attractive custom features to landscaping that also have a similar design to the main fence around your property.  

Installing Elegant Fence Gate Designs for Your Cedar Wood Fence Design with Custom Woodwork  

The entrances to the outdoor spaces around your home have gates that can be improved with more details if you are installing a cedar wood fence. First, you may want to consider higher gates and options like covered entrances that can include automated controls and video intercoms. In addition, the gates can have more decorative finishes and details to make them more attractive and provide more privacy.  

Additional Wood Framing and Timber Features to Make the Most Out of Your Cedar Fence Design  

There are also wood framing features that can be added to the landscaping and integrated into the design of your new cedar fence. The first option that you want to consider is a pergola or other covered areas with exposed cedar timber framing. You can also use the cedar features to create trestles and other structures that help support climbing plants.  

These are some cedar fence designs that will help add attractive features and privacy to all of your outdoor spaces. If you are ready to start improving your outdoor spaces with these features, contact a cedar wood fence service and talk to professionals about some of these ideas.